Water Weight gain and Fluid Retention

Temporary Water Weight Gain

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Temporary Water Weight Gain due to fluid retention


Water weight gain also known as oedema is noticed by a few pounds gain within 24 hours along with swollen fingers/hands, puffy eyes which shows sign of water retention in your body. In usual jargon it is known as temporary water weight gain. It can show about 2-5 pounds gain overnight. On the other hand, normal gain is called tissue/muscle/fat weight gain.


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In a very normal scenario, Water intake makes you take mass temporarily which will soon get discharged as sweating or urine. So water weight gain occurs in this case. It is not as real as muscles and body fat gain. It can be called bloating and it gets back to normal on its own without much concerns. Daily mass fluctuation based on the fluids level in the body is inevitable and must not be bothered about too seriously unless there is sufficient ground for other serious causes.

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Serious Water Weight Gain

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In some cases fluid retention can be caused by other more serious factors like diseases (lung, liver, heart, kidney, arthritis, cancer), or medication side effects. In these cases fluid is not properly removed form tissues and swelling occurs all over the body. In these cases it is very important that you consult a medical doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat the condition.


Water weight gain Symptoms:

  • Swelling over the body area like fingers, ankles, feet and hands
  • Stiff joints and aching body
  • Taking Mass Rapidly


Too much salt in your diet, will make your kidney to hold on water to dilute the salt content in your body. This process is controlled by your kidney. Dehydration also cause water retention for the same reason that your body salt content becomes higher than the water it has. In cases of water retention due to higher salt level in body, the solution is to drink more water and eliminate the salts and restore your body balance. To avoid water weight gain caused by salt, avoid processed foods and control the salt dosage on other foods elements.



A disruption in hormones balance can also trigger weird operations in human body. For women, the menstrual cycle cause some hormone imbalance which can cause water retention. This can last a few days. More serious hormonal imbalance comes with menopause and Andropause.



Water weight gain also depends on your diet content. A diet with too much carbohydrates/starch (rice, flour) can cause water weight gain. This usually starts with insulin imbalance in the body and eventually leads to water retention. Deficiency of protein and B1 vitamins in your diet can also cause fluid retention.



Pregnant women undergo hormone fluctuation which may cause fluid retention.


How to combat fluid retention:

  1. 1. Control salt/sodium in your diet
  2. 2. Reduce refined carbohydrates rich foods from your diet
  3. 3. Do physical activity to boost your metabolism
  4. 4. Rehydrate adequately by drinking water
  5. 5. Consume more fruits (banana, avocado, apricot) and vegetables rich in potassium.
  6. 6. Consume foods which can provide vitamin B5 and B6.
  7. 7. Take natural diuretic (herbal, cranberry juices)
  8. 8. Avoid alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee. They are known for their dehydration properties.
  9. 9. Take calcium , magnesium and potassium based supplements.
  10. 10. Do proper warm up and cool down before and after physical activities. This help in combating water retention in over-strained muscles area.


Medical Treatment if necessary include the above measures and/or:

  • 1. Diuretics
  • 2. Treatment of disease causing water retention
  • 3. Change of current medication (which may have caused more mass) or its dosage.

water intoxication

More Information on Water Intoxication

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Water Intoxication

Drinking too much fluids within a too small span of time can be dangerous and life threatening in some cases. It can affect kidney and causes serious electrolyte imbalances. Electrolyte imbalances can have very serious impact on body organs. In case there is too much dehydration and somebody drinks only water, this can also cause electrolyte imbalance in his/her body.


Electrolyte is composed of:

  • Sodium
  • Sulfate
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Bicarbonate
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Phosphorous


Beware of magical weigh loss formula. On a side note, weight loss can be caused by losing fluids. Some weight loss formulation just fool their audience by making them lose fluids and thus bathroom scale showing lower readings. This effect is usually temporary and can be harmful to your health. Dehydration can occur.