Weight Gain Before Period and during menstruation.

Weight gain symptoms before periods

Women Weight Gain Before Period

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Weight Gain during and before period is a known symptom of PMS Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and it is quite a normal thing but it creates a temporary frustration and discomfort to women. This can last for maximum 2 weeks. How many kilos do you gain on your period? The amount gained before period can be in the range of 1-5kg. This can be alarming to most women as they suddenly feel bloated and heavy and may not fit in their usual tight jeans.

Women menstrual periods cause weight gain

Causes and Remedy for weight gain before periods

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The possible causes of such a condition can be:

  • Hormones fluctuation - Hormones (e.g. progesterone, Serotonin) levels fluctuates during the menstrual cycle and this has a big impact on the mood and health of a person. This can also cause some changes to the body.
  • Fluid retention - Water retention in tissues is the most common cause of temporary weight gain prior to period. This is a direct consequence of hormonal imbalances and in some cases a diet rich on sodium will amplify this factor.
  • Food cravings - Food cravings may occur as a reaction to changes in hormone levels and the changes in body. When people feel stressed or depressed, they usually eat more.
  • Low Magnesium Levels - During pre-menstrual period there is an usual drop of magnesium levels in blood. This may cause an increased in sugar craving and may lead to overeating
  • Bloating
  • and/or simply natural preparation for the monthly menstrual cycle which can cause bleeding and iron deficiency. The body prepares itself for such a situation. This starts at Follicular Stage and ends during the period stage.

How to fight this syndrome? To prevent or minimize water retention, it is recommended to decrease sodium/salt intake and to prefer healthy foods and vegetables consumption which will prevent bloating and constipation. Bloating and constipation are common symptoms during the menstrual cycle. Having a healthy lifestyle with healthy diet is always good in combating weight gain before periods. You must also prefer low salt foods, whole grains and salads while reducing alcohol and caffeine rich drinks consumption.

It is also recommended to drink plenty of water as this will fight water weight gain.